This Rollin' Wave

from by Angie Atkinson



Sittin' in a rainstorm, under your blue umbrella
Tellin' stories, laughin' til we cried
You bought a yellow cupcake, I think you needed something
To do with your hands

I guess it just got too real, you said, "Baby, it's been real swell,
But I think it's time that we got off this ride"
And I stared at the glass cases full of sweets but only tasted bitter
Tears…oh shit, well there go all my plans

And it's not like I believed in happy ever after
But if I did I'd want it to be you
And I'd thought we'd ride this rollin' wave just a little more
But we crashed and burned and sizzled on the shore

The fact that you were so kind, well it only makes it harder
But you caught me with my ardor open wide
And damn it, I knew better than to let myself fall head first
Into fallin' for you

You'd told me from the get-go that you just weren't ready
But in that moment, you still got misty-eyed
So at least I can take with me as I ache for all our yesterdays
You might be achin' too

I miss our high teas and the low moans you made each time we touched
But I'm high and mighty, and gettin' over you
So let's just ride this rollin' wave for as long as we can
You don't gotta be my lover, but you'll always be my man

The parts of me I was afraid to let you see were risin' with the tide
And the safer that I felt with you the more that I was feelin' terrified
We crested and you said it's best to let it rest, and honey I let you decide
When I told you I'd be OK with not holdin' you, I guess I lied

This fucked me up way more than I ever could have imagined
I didn't mean to feel so much for you
But I guess it all comes down to timing in the end
And I hope that baby you'll always be my friend

I hope you catch that golden train you're chasin' after
And I can't wait to see all your dreams come true
Til then let's ride this rollin' wave into night
One way or another everything'll be alright

In a rainstorm….oh, oh
Laughin’ til we cried


from High & Mighty, released November 10, 2015
Music and lyrics by Angie Atkinson



all rights reserved


Angie Atkinson New York, New York

Angie grew up in the small town of Starkville, Mississippi. She was always a city girl at heart, but she brought that country-fried realness with her to NYC when she moved there in 2009.

Combining metropolitan sophistication and grassroots grit, Angie created her own unique urban cowgirl sound.

Her powerhouse vocals & pull-no-punches lyrics cut straight to the heart.
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