Not That Guy

from by Angie Atkinson



I’m crawlin’ in my skin from wantin’ so bad just to touch you
And to take back all the crazy things I’ve said
I’m fallin’ over with all this pre-adolescent uselessness
And dizzy from the noise inside my head

This is supposed to be the fun part, but I’m starting to feel like
Oh, God I cannot concentrate on anything
‘Cause all I think about it is you, I don’t know what to do
And I am starting to have trouble breathing

I want you to hold me and look into my eyes
And say without a sound what deep down I already realize
You won’t make me cry ‘cause you’re just not that guy

I’m shakin’ like a leaf, fragile from grievin’ over all the ones
Who left my heart sad and broken
You said let’s take it slowly somehow knowing that I wanted you
To not let me make that mistake again

You watched with soft amusement while I stuttered, lost my words
And blushed so red each time you said my name
But you tread oh, so lightly, I’ll bite my tongue, you take my hand
And together we’ll ease back into this game

I need you to help me keep my feet on solid ground
I want to feel in each touch how much you want me around
You won’t make me cry ‘cause you’re just not that guy

I’m a master of beginnings; it’s the holdin’ on that breaks me every time
And I’m so afraid of winning that I’m losin’ my mind

Oh, I need you to let me know now that I haven’t read you wrong
Kiss me til I believe what I’ve been hopin’ all along
You won’t make me cry ‘cause you’re just not that guy
You won’t make me cry ‘cause you’re just not
You’re not that guy


from High & Mighty, released November 10, 2015
Music and lyrics by Angie Atkinson



all rights reserved


Angie Atkinson New York, New York

Angie grew up in the small town of Starkville, Mississippi. She was always a city girl at heart, but she brought that country-fried realness with her to NYC when she moved there in 2009.

Combining metropolitan sophistication and grassroots grit, Angie created her own unique urban cowgirl sound.

Her powerhouse vocals & pull-no-punches lyrics cut straight to the heart.
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