Great Expectations (Buried In My Wedding Gown)

from by Angie Atkinson



Just keep living, just keep breathing
Keep on folding up your t-shirt
Use my hands so I don't lose my mind

Just hold on with open palm
And know no matter what I'll carry on
I've been through so much worse in my time

My body is so small in your big hands
I'm standing on the edge, the precipice
And I'm scared to look down
I'm just one tiny step one breath one kiss away
From finally saying no I won't be

Buried in my wedding gown
Buried in my wedding gown, oooh

Now I'm tossing and I'm turning
As I'm sleeping in your t-shirt
Sweating choices I know can't be undone

Voices calling, girl you got this
Oh I miss your strawberry kisses
I may love you but that don't make you the one

Can't meet your eyes as I let go of your hands
I'm standing tiptoe in a tear storm
And I'm scared we're gonna drown
So give me one more kiss before I walk away
I'm finally saying no I won't be

Buried in my wedding gown
Buried in my wedding gown
Buried in my wedding gown
Oh oh oh

Buried in my wedding gown
Buried in my wedding gown, oh oh hey

Lovers on the street, they look just like we did not so long ago
Driving drunk on our own heat and living like there was no fucking tomorrow
I said I just want my life to happen, you said baby it is happening right now
Well I reckon it is, and I reckon I'd stay if there was a one day, a maybe, a somehow

So I keep working, keep on healing
As I'm peeling off your t-shirt
Dirt under my nails from digging through fear

Slapped your face, you kissed my palm
And though I know that we'll both carry on
I wish we hadn't ended up here

I thank you for each night spent in your hands
This was my best year in a long time
Guess I'll see you around
No look over my shoulder as I walk away
'Cause you and I both know I won't be

No no I won’t be, no I won't be buried in my wedding gown

ama 11/11/2013


from High & Mighty, released November 10, 2015
Music and lyrics by Angie Atkinson



all rights reserved


Angie Atkinson New York, New York

Angie grew up in the small town of Starkville, Mississippi. She was always a city girl at heart, but she brought that country-fried realness with her to NYC when she moved there in 2009.

Combining metropolitan sophistication and grassroots grit, Angie created her own unique urban cowgirl sound.

Her powerhouse vocals & pull-no-punches lyrics cut straight to the heart.
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